توجيه DEC 12, 2012
“We want life in Theater, and Theater in life” Jules Renard.

It’s well known that theater is an old phenomenon created in the early ages by the people, to express their love, integrity and their loyalty to the gods. 

Throughout time, theater evolved from being just a self expression, to a sort of entertainment to people, even though we had many philosophers explaining this phenomenon, theater has been always directed to entertain people whether in tragic or comedy plays.

We, actors, directors, scenographers ...  usually get to meet very important people working in the entertainment business (theater, movies, advertising), and each one of them, had his own opinion related to the business...Unfortunately, not all of them are right and suitable because sometimes these fault ideas that are given by some of these people, express a very wrong impressions to our community. That’s why theater is not a familiar thing to our families, to our friends and especially to YOU.

I deeply hope, that after you all read this article, you would be encouraged to go and ask about what we do, what we can do, and what we can offer you.

I cannot disagree with you that we need to push ourselves, more and more to give you the best entertainment ever, but to do that, we need your help, we need you to be curious to see what we do and by that, I do not mean seeing us on television in these ridiculous TV series, and because of having too much sheep products in this business, our image in having good actors and directors, is damaged. 
We have rights like all of you doctors, lawyers, teachers and it’s very surprising that sometimes for you, it is much easier to demand them, and to have them.

“we want life in theater, and theater in life” we can take you to places that you would never think of, make you feel things you though you could never feel, we can give you all of that because we create life, we give it time, space, shape, and most important thing passion. 
توجيه DEC 12, 2012
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