Shocking Tip
صحة JUL 09, 2014
I'm writing here with a quick nutrition tip that you MUST follow when ordering eggs from any restaurant, but first, a quick fact:

Most restaurants don't use real eggs.

I know it's shocking, but the truth is that many restaurants use processed commercial eggs (from a carton) that contain "obesity additives" such as artificial ingredients, chemicals, preservatives, and even gluten-like fillers and compounds.  That's BAD news for anyone trying to lose flab fast, as these ingredients can slow down your weightloss efforts and increase your body's toxicity levels.

Even worse, if you are someone consuming a gluten-free diet, eggs are one of those foods you rely on to be gluten-free.  That said, almost all of these commercial egg products contain a substantial amount of gluten, so beware.


The take home message:  You MUST ask for real eggs.

While these restaurants often make their omelets and scrambled eggs with obesity-boosting processed egg product, they almost all also have real eggs in stock.  I've also found that most waitresses will just tell you what you want to hear, so you need to specify that you must have real eggs and not eggs from a carton, instead of asking "Do you use real eggs?"  Most people will just say yes without really knowing what they are talking about.

One trick is to tell them you have an allergy and must have real eggs, not eggs from a that case you're sure to get fresh eggs 100% of the time :-)

To your success.

صحة JUL 09, 2014
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