Nutrition helps combat HIV
صحة JUL 10, 2012
Selenium is known as a particularly valuable trace element. According to an American study, taking it every day in the form of a food supplement could even reduce the viral load in HIV patients.

According to a study involving 262 patients, the antioxidant properties of selenium are the cause of this reduction. “This explanation needs to be confirmed”, underlines the author. Be that as it may, it is an interesting idea. “Supplements of selenium are simple, safe and cheap to obtain”.

Not to mention the fact that food supplements are not the only way of obtaining plenty of selenium. Seafood is replete with it, particularly oysters. Mushrooms also provide selenium. This trace element is the subject of considerable scientific research at the moment. Several international studies claim that it has interesting properties: it apparently protects against cardiovascular diseases as well as certain cancers of the digestion system.
صحة JUL 10, 2012
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