Mobile Phones Will Go Extinct Before You Tell Your Crush That You Like Her
تكنولوجيا AUG 24, 2017

I mean let’s face it, you would’ve told her by now. Anyways yes, it’s true, your one-thousand-dollar cell phone will be nothing but metal and wires a few years from now as, by then, experts suggest there will no longer be a need for mobile phones. But why?

Well as you can see in the time-line above, in just 10 years, the size of cellphones was cut down to less than half their size in 1990. Why’s that? Without getting into details, there’s a law stating that every couple of years, one chip of constant size could fit two times more transistors than it did a couple of years ago, which is why in the year 2000, mobile phones were half the size of their 1990 ancestors.


So why is it that they started growing in size in 2010, you may ask? This has nothing to do with efficiency and speed. The same technology present in the iPhone 6+ could be fitted in a device just a little bit larger than your watch. The only difference is the market demand. Manufacturers started noticing that people are slowly replacing their day-to-day use from their laptop to their cellphones and figured they’d make the screen larger purely for better usability.


Then why are mobile phones going to go extinct that fast? Well again, any shift in technology and the way it’s presented is largely affected by you, me, and every one else buying these devices.

When Google developed its Google Glass, they aimed at allowing people to replace their inconveniently large phone with something they would naturally carry around almost every day, a glass. They figured they’d help make everything easier than “at the tip of your finger” and wanted to replace it with “a blink of your eye”. It seemed like a really promising idea except for two main issues that made the Google Glass fail: for starters, it’s really, really, ugly. I mean look at it. Plus, a pair would cost over USD 1500. Doesn’t seem like a pretty feasible thing right?




We shouldn’t forget the fact that as a new product, it doesn’t have many applications that would fit everyone’s needs and desires and, it’s not all that well-advertised, etc. This is why people have moved to another alternative: Virtual Reality (VR). To those who don’t know what VR is, it’s basically another ugly pair of glasses that you connect to your phone and that can be used to see just about anything as if you were there. Ever wondered what it’s like to walk on the moon? VR can help you with that one. It’s been proving to be quite a success with several versions coming out pseudo-periodically.


Just like the mobile phone time-line above, VR-like devices will have their own time-line: decreasing in size, increasing in efficiency and becoming much more beautiful. According to many experts and watching where investors’ money is going, one can notice that the future of these VRs and your current mobile phones is really simple: they will be a literal part of your body. This is all part of a world-wide project currently pioneered by Elon Musk, the person wanting to turn us all into cyborgs – you can read all about it here – in such a way that would make our every-day lives, calculations, navigations, cooking, home decoration, problem-solving and gaming inside our heads.

The future is looking great to optimists and quite frightening to pessimists. What do you think is going to happen? Is the world going to end up as a real-life Terminator movie or are we going to use this new technology for the best?

تكنولوجيا AUG 24, 2017
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