Mental illness put down to business
صحة MAY 31, 2021

Amidst a pandemic and a lock-down, coaches and doctors have been worried about individuals' physical health and posture. However, they seem to forget that a person is more than muscles and bones. A person’s mental health and their rest of mind are just as important as their diet or workout routine. But once this mind well-being has been ignored, what are its reverberations on the individual’s overall performance? And how do you get over them?

Ÿ Mental illnesses and their effects

When a person is diagnosed with a mental illness, we talk about two types of outcomes for themselves and their families.

1) On themselves

Individuals with psychological disorders are most likely to experience a slackening way of life on many scales: their academic journey will face difficulties, and their employment will be directly affected, not to forget that their physical health and appearance will no longer be an object matter.

2) On their families

With the presence of a mentally ill being, a bigger weight is put on their families’ shoulders. On the one hand, their acts must be measured, and their reactions patient and steady. On the other hand, with this individual’s job trek being suspended, the family’s income is hence affected. Therefore, the entire household will be living in an ambiance of stress and pressure due to the emotional and physical challenges of caring for a mentally ill family member.

Ÿ How does anxiety affect a person’s outcome?

Anxiety disorders are mental illnesses that cause a person to panic or obsess excessively about specific circumstances or aspects of their lives. Anxiety can cause disruption in a person's life by affecting their interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, and ability to perform everyday activities at work or school. Anxious individuals will then live in constant fear of how their peers perceive them or of missing opportunities.

Ÿ How to overcome stress?

Due to the oppression and pressure of this quarantine, it is normal to observe a rising attitude of stress. Nonetheless, the situation in Lebanon does not furnish rest and peace of mind. So, this feeling of stress and agitation is quite expected.

· But how do they get over it?

As simple as it sounds, exercising is one of the best ways to soothe stress. This can be done following a special workout or even while grooving to your favorite melodies. In addition, the benefits of eating healthy foods extend beyond your waistline to your mental health. Look for complex carbohydrates in your meals, and antioxidants help too. Finally, practicing your hobby is a major way to mitigate stress: the things you love won’t hassle you.

Facing this international crisis, one can do nothing but try to improve themself. So, while you are working out to make these muscles pop, keep in mind that your mental hygiene needs care and superintendence too, in order for you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

صحة MAY 31, 2021
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