Mechatronics engineering
توجيه FEB 08, 2017
Mechatronics is a multi-disciplined professional engineering field that combines mechanical, electrical, control and computer engineering.

The Issam Fares Faculty of Technology at Balamand offers a bachelor of technology in mechatronics engineering, in English and/or French, on both Koura and Akkar campuses.

The difference between a degree in mechatronics engineering and other engineering programs is that “engineering programs tend to focus on theory and conceptual design, while engineering technology programs usually focus on application and implementation.”

“Mechatronics engineers are able to develop new technologies in home automation, control and robotics; renewable energy, mobile robots, industrial robots and control systems, and the necessary skills to master applications of control and supervision of industrial processes.”

The program covers all technologies related to these sectors such as real-time processing of information, supervision, databases, network administration, power electronics, and computer control. It also addresses the concept of project management, entrepreneurship and corporate law.

Another attraction of the three-year program, is that students also have the opportunity to train at Université Paris 11, or Université de Clermont-Ferrand, Université de Lauraine, as well as other institutions in France.
توجيه FEB 08, 2017
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