Lebanese Forces Youth Association at the EDS Congress in Sofia
مصلحة الطلاب APR 03, 2022

From 24 to 27 March 2022, the Lebanese Forces Youth Association, represented by Lebanese Forces youth representative in France Jean-Pierre Andos, participated at the annual Winter University of the European Democrat Students which was held in Sofia and hosted by the Federation of Independent Student Societies. 


As the “Prospects for European youth: centre-right unity for a secure and prosperous future” was the main theme of the meetings, several issues were discussed, during which Andos highlighted the ongoing situation in Lebanon. “Defending European democracy starts anywhere where democracy is under attack. On the other hand, Lebanon relies on Europe support and its observation mission during the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled on 15 May 2022; that will be the primary pathway to save Lebanon from the Iranian occupation”, said Andos. 


He further explained that “to lift the iranian occupation, we need a new governing coalition of sovereignists that will ensure the application of the law and the respect of the constitution. This new coalition will also be able to implement needed reforms with the support of the international community”. 


“With its strength over the State’s institutions and judiciary, Hezbollah is trying to arrest the leader of the Lebanese Forces Party Samir Geagea, as we form the largest opposition party that is able, in fact, to oppose the Iranian  backed militia over the Lebanese sovereignty”, Andos said.

مصلحة الطلاب APR 03, 2022
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