Lebanese Forces Students Association participates at International Young Democrat Union Election Council Meeting
خبر MAY 11, 2023

The International Young Democrat Union (IYDU) had its Election Council Meeting in Marrakech, Morocco on April 29th 2023. Being part of IYDU family, the Lebanese Forces Students Association (LFSA), was represented by the President of its Foreign Affairs Bureau, Mr. Paul Saadeh.

This council meeting was hosted by the Istiqlal Youth Organization - gathering dozens of young leaders and youth institutions from around the world - at the end of which, a new IYDU board was elected. 

Since its re-establishment in 1991, the IYDU has grown from 14 members to 9 regional and 78 national member organizations. The IYDU is the global alliance of center right political youth organizations.

خبر MAY 11, 2023
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