Healthy Aging
صحة JAN 14, 2015
Eating right and being physically active are keys to staying healthy throughout life. Nutrient needs change with age. Familiarize yourself with the foods that offer the vitamins and minerals that promote good health as we age. Feel your best by learning how to make healthy food choices, especially those that are lower in calories and packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients, and by being physically active every day.Healthy aging is a hot topic for baby boomers everywhere. Whether you're concerned about weight gain, sex drive or chronic diseases, the key to healthy aging is a healthy lifestyle. Eating a variety of healthy foods, practicing portion control and including physical activity in your daily routine can go a long way toward promoting healthy aging. Better yet, it's never too late to make healthier lifestyle choices.

If an interest in healthy aging leads you to consider anti-aging therapie, such as restrictive diets, supplements or expensive treatments claiming to postpone or even reverse the aging process — be cautious. There's no quick fix for healthy aging. Know what you're buying, and know how to spot suspicious schemes. Often, anti-aging therapies don't live up to the claims.

People in the U.S. are living longer than ever before. Many seniors live active and healthy lives. But there's no getting around one thing: as we age, our bodies and minds change. There are things you can do to stay healthy and active as you age:
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Keep your mind and body active
  • Don't Smoke
  • Get regular checkups
  • Practice safety habits to avoid accidents and prevent falls.

Exercice and physical activity is where the strongest evidence lies, not just for reducing mortality, but also for across-the-board health benefits," Whitson says. She ticks off exercise's advantages: fewer heart risks, improved  sleep and memory, less depression and pain, better bone strength, and fewer falls.

صحة JAN 14, 2015
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