Should I Go on Gluten Free Diet?
صحة SEP 15, 2018

First let’s see what is gluten:

I- Gluten is a mixture of two proteins present in cereal grains especially wheat, barely and rye, and is responsible for the elastic texture of dough.

For some people eating gluten is a problem, why?

Because it prompts their immune system to attack the lining of their small intestines. This is called Celiac Disease.

II- Major symptoms of Celiac Disease:

   In children more common symptoms are:

1) Abdominal bloating

2) Pale

3) Fatigue

4) Irritability and behavioral issues

   Adults are more likely to have:

1) Fatigue

2) Unexplained iron deficiency

3) Dermatitis

4) Anxiety, joint muscle pain

5) Abdominal bloating

III- If you feel these symptoms

a. Ask your doctor to order a lab test called Test-IgA antibodies that are found in 80% of people with celiac disease

b. Ask your pharmacist for the gluten Kit-test.

If the test is positive the best solution is to avoid food containing gluten

IV- Food that contain gluten.

1) White bread

2) Pasta noodles

3) Pastries, crackers

4) Cornflakes & granola

5) Biscuits & pancakes

6) Sauces & gravies (many use wheat flours as thickener)

7) Soya sauce

8) Processed cheese

9) Beer ……

Anything that uses wheat flours as ingredients

Now you will ask how can I substitute gluten

1) Corn in all forms

2) Plain rice (white, brown or basmati)

3) Real cheese

4) Oats: only if they are labeled gluten free

V- Do I loose weight on gluten free diet?

Gluten free diets are for gluten intolerant only. Gluten free diet is very challenging because gluten free dishes and their items contain more calories and fat than regular ones. They have added sugars and more fat to make them more palatable.

But if you cut grains containing gluten and you don’t replace them with gluten free grains, you will loose weight by cutting.

So, if weight loss is your goal, try focusing on portion sizes instead. And if you think you have Celiac disease or gluten intolerance, make sure you see your dietitian so he or she will be able to give you the best advice.


Dr. Helene Khater Chammas

صحة SEP 15, 2018
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