A Policy Development Workshop in Istanbul
مكتب العلاقات العامة FEB 01, 2024

This workshop was the last out of three workshops made during the final module of the Lebanese Norwegian Youth Program (LNYP). 

The Lebanese Forces Youth Association (LFSA) was represented throughout this workshop by Ghinwa Al Ghorayeb, the head of the Public Relations Bureau and Paul Saadeh, the head of the Foreign Affairs Bureau.

The workshop was meant to take place in November 2023, but due to the war in Gaza and the current situation on the Southern Lebanese borders, the workshop was postponed and took place exceptionally in Istanbul, Turkey from the 19th till the 21st of January 2024. This two day workshop tackled three main topics: 
1- Policy Development;
2- Policy Adoption; &
3- Cross-Party Cooperation.

This was a great opportunity for Lebanese and Norwegian Youth Wings from different political parties to discuss, debate, brainstorm, present and assess a number of development policies. 
The ambiance was positive, which allowed a mutual exchange of knowledge and ideas.

مكتب العلاقات العامة FEB 01, 2024
مجلة آفاق الشباب
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