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تكنولوجيا JAN 28, 2019

Samsung Galaxy celebrates this year its 10th year anniversary with the Galaxy S10/X, the smartphone that is rightly getting a lot of attention. Not only that Samsung is launching their first 5G phone, but this model revealed its completely bezel-less design, ultrasonic in display fingerprint reader, triple rear cameras and gradient colors. However, even with all this novelty, Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t be the biggest game changer of the year. The company is bringing to the market something that we heard of 8 years ago: the foldable phone!

We’ve seen it all with Samsung throughout the years, from regular phones to smartphones, from keypads to touch screens and from traditional flip phones to luxury flip phones. In 2015, Samsung launched the Galaxy Folder: a smart flip phone with a touch screen. Today, in 2019, Samsung will be releasing a foldable flexible phone named: Galaxy F, Galaxy Fold or Galaxy Flex. Since 2011 we have been hearing about a foldable phone and the rumors around it, now things are beginning to get a little clearer on what we may be able to expect. First, it is expected to be launched around February 20. Second, the Galaxy S10 is more or less confirmed to be a folding phone. Third, it’s a clamshell design that can be unfolded to provide you with a big tablet screen, or folded down to more of a smartphone size. Effectively, the Galaxy F is a 2in1 model, a phone that can take the size of a table and can be folded to be a smartphone, a model that can be used either in portrait or landscape direction and has a laptop like design.

It is estimated that the phone will be very expensive due to the luxury of it.

It will cost twice as much as an iPhone!

The Galaxy F will be sold for $1,500 to $2,000since the phone will contain a bunch of expensive technology not available on other devices. However, some other regular smartphones might be just as pricey as the Galaxy F.

The only downside of this newest Galaxy model is that it is very fragile and needs to be used delicately. Cover cases and screen protectors won’t be available for this Samsung smartphone!

تكنولوجيا JAN 28, 2019
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