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تكنولوجيا MAY 27, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is wide branch of computer science that simulates the human intelligence through machines, especially computers. These mechanisms include learning (gaining data and guidelines to use the information), reasoning (using rules to come up with approximate or definite conclusions) and self-correction. Expert systems, speech recognition and machine vision are particular AI applications.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the newest technology of the 21st century. What’s more trendy nowadays, is AI collaborating with fitness. AI is becoming an assisting technology in improving and facilitating human beings’ life. To help people ameliorate their health and fitness, AI is getting involved in many ways to coach and encourage them through technological tools.

Through specific mobile applications, even though they still at their early stages, AI apps can be your ‘at home’ personal trainer by accessing your phone camera and guiding you with your exercises. Up until now, the only available app of that kind is Kaia, an app that helps users perfect their squats. It picks up if you’re performing the squat in a right way and it corrects it on the spot.

Another type of AI is the gadgets you buy and wear. By collecting data about your health and physical activity, gadgets like the Apple watch and Fitbit can become your personal doctors that can be with you 24/7 and have access to your health documents at any time. This can help the user to detect heart problems and such at early stages and prevent them from getting worse.

Having the possibility to get attached to you through your shoes to monitor your speed, Sensoria is an AI that collects information about your jogs and encourages you to go further when you fall behind. It doesn’t not only track your speed and distance; it also gives feedbacks and analysis on your performance and how to improve it.

Wearables AI are not only gadgets, it even reaches the technology of having AI pants that have sensors picking up your posture during yoga and assisting you to reach your perfect yoga flow. The Nadi X has that technology, and it is becoming the new trend fast.

Most of the time, on your way to the gym or your fitness class, you think of which weights to use in your workout. You keep yourself from lifting heavier weights and you don’t push yourself to your limits and beyond. Today, Fitbod offers you the option of entering your everyday workout data exercises: during and after your gym hours. In that way, the app can suggest your next repetition count and weights choices.

Although AI is taking over, we should not fear it. It might be a competition against personal trainers, nutritionists and doctors; however, we should consider it as a companion. Those fitness applications and AI oriented fitness technologies are a way to improve our workout plans and guide us through it. AI is not here to replace people. We should embrace it.

AI is still progressing, and its abilities are getting wider by the minute. We can expect in the near future, many great additions to the horizon of AI. Soon, AI might teach us how to become better coaches, better athletes and it might also coach us to make nutrition diets.

تكنولوجيا MAY 27, 2019
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