Time travel: is it real??
تحقيق JUL 01, 2015
We have always watched science fiction movies depicting time travel and going back in time, and we have wondered: will we ever achieve this journey back in time or even see the future?? Is time travel real??

1905-1915, two years that changed physics forever. It’s when Albert Einstein posed his two most famous theories: special (1905) and general (1915) relativity in which he said: for a body travelling with a speed attending 30 000km/s (10% of the speed of light) and more, we can’t use the Euclidean space(x, y, z), but a new space called space-time.

As for us, the time axis is past-present –future but that’s not constant in quantum physics.  And theories suggest that we can travel in time by manipulating this axis, but the question is how??

Many theoretical ways tell us how. The most believed one is travelling at a high speed, really high speed: the closer we get to the speed of light, the slower time becomes. If we spent one year on a train travelling at 99.999% of light speed (299 997 km/s), 223 years would pass on earth. This is called time dilation. A real example, Jake and Blake are twins born at the same time, Jake goes to space in a fast space ship and returns to earth, he will be younger than his brother Blake by fractions of a second!
That’s for travelling to the future, but what about getting back in time??

Many ways, theoretically  ,can get us back. Wormholes for examples. Wormholes are tiny tunnels in space-time (10-33 cm in diameter) that are shortcuts to the past and future proposed by Einstein (also known as Einstein-Rosen bridge). If we could get in these holes, we would see our ancestors! But how if they are so small?? Some theories suggest that wormholes created after the big bang could have expanded eventually with our expanding universe (developed by Stephen hawking) and became big enough to fit. If we found a wormhole, there’s a possibility that we can get back in time.

So yes! Time travel is real! Theoretically. Many other ways can achieve it: Tipler cylinder, space “doughnut”, cosmic strings, quantum tunneling, and turning off the Higgs field proved by CERN using the LHC in 2008. But if we could accomplish this Godlike invention, would use it properly??
تحقيق JUL 01, 2015
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