The Most Powerful Weapon! Will It Be Back Soon?
تكنولوجيا JUN 01, 2017


If you think that what happened few days ago regarding the cyber crimes targeting hospitals and companies around the world is happening for the first time, you’re probably wrong! 

You also probably think that weapons are the most powerful tool in a war. However, if we go deep into the history of World War II, we can see that an attack to crack the encryption of the German army was the real cause of their loss. Weapons are essential but cyber crimes are “nuclear weapons”, so to speak, which are made of zero percent metal, bullets or any inflammable material. 



In 2005, Stuxnet was invented. It was the most powerful weapon at the time and it’s entirely made out of codes! This weapon was only identified in 2010, giving it around 50 years of spying and hitting the targets.


Iran, the most targeted country by Stuxnet, was infected by the system as well as Indonesia, India, Azerbaijan, USA, Pakistan and many others.

Duqu (2011) and Flame (2012) were found to be related to Stuxnet. A few days ago, security experts around the world expressed their concerns, as they thought that Stuxnet would be redesigned in order to be used as a weapon, once again,  especially after the new agreements made between the USA and Saudi Arabia. 

Can this weapon still work with new softwares? 
Who will redesign it? Are Anti-Virus and SandBox companies preparing for this malware? Are they ready to face it?
Who will be the next victim? Iran? Saudi Arabia? The USA? North Korea? 




See the details about Stuxnet in the video below:


تكنولوجيا JUN 01, 2017
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