Technology and You
تكنولوجيا AUG 04, 2020

All over the years of recent history, we have developed new and useful technologies that have changed our society and life. Electricity, food, daily life routines... Everything has changed! But technology is not something new to us; we do have it since prehistory: It is not just electricity and computers, it is the way we develop ourselves and the things we are working with: construction, mathematics, physics, medicine, and many other fields.


You are now reading this article, so you may find that some things can help your way of thinking. What is the common thing between small details and technology? They are the same; technology is based on the smallest calculations, words, and perspectives.


Advanced research, assessments, self-improvement, quick information, visual learning, live simulation, open-source websites, productivity, communication, life tips, live news... You may know everything about these words, but have you ever considered searching for the tips and tricks living on your cellphone or your laptop? There are things that you may find useful, but having an interest in improving yourself with technology is a whole new thing. An inquisitiveness minded person is a person who seeks for change: They may not be a genius, but they are smart. Do you know that people have saved lives because of watching videos online? Search for “first aid tips / How can I save a person who is bleeding / How to help someone who has fainted” on YouTube, you can save lives too.


Technology is not only for scientists or NASA's astronauts or hackers, no. You are using your phone, you have a laptop, you can change yourself.

Do you know that unemployment is caused by technology? Well, that is a big lie.


Technology, and that is a fact, has helped over thousands of people in Lebanon and the Middle East. The digital economy has taken over our world, we need, and we must get into this field.


"You can work from home, you can make money online...", many of you have heard this, and many of you think: is it possible here, in Lebanon? Can I be an online worker? You can, but you must improve yourself. You may not love coding, you may hate it, and if not, but you have no skills, online websites have millions of courses. YouTube is the number one teacher, just like google is your friend.


Online work is not only what you think (coding, being a computer genius…). You are special, and you have talents. You may be an artist (video maker, painter, music producer, a photoshop professional...) and plenty of websites are online waiting for you, just search for them. You can teach people things (if it is your field and you are good at it) and get money while doing it!


Our lives have become digital, and technology is your new best friend. You may not like it at first, but even the internet, just like people, has bad sides: you must know how to use it well, always be secured online!

تكنولوجيا AUG 04, 2020
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