Stay Healthy
صحة JUL 30, 2019

 “You were diagnosed by a disease.” “There is no cure!” Why should we let ourselves hear these sentences? If we have a few simple steps to follow so that we can help in preventing diseases, so why not? As we should keep ourselves, our cars, or our houses clean, we should also clean our body systems well. Playing sports and eating well may prevent a huge number of diseases.
     To start with, numbness and physical inactivity increase the risk of having several forms of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity… 75 to 150 hours a week can help in preventing these diseases. As we make time to party, smoke, sleep, and work every day, we can find at least an hour to workout daily. Not only sports prevent physiological diseases, but also it prevents psychological ones. It reduces stress and relief your body and brain.
       Nevertheless, having a healthy diet is the key for having a healthy life. Your diet should be filled with healthy food as vegetables, dairy products, fruits, homemade cooking… You should always prevent eating junk food, fast-food, and eating unhealthy snacks. When I say diet, I don’t mean stop eating. Even thin people should follow a healthy diet which is only a meal plan to be aware of what you’re eating and the amount of fats and calories entering your body.
        When you are eating a lot of sugar, you are helping cancer grow faster, if you have a tumor. If you eat unhealthy, this will lead you to obesity. Obesity causes atherosclerosis, hypertension, and last but not the least diabetes. In addition to psychological problems because of your shape that may lead to depression or stress.
       In a nutshell, the most important change you can do in your life is to start following a healthy diet and only strong people can do that since weak people melt in front of unhealthy food. Save your health from diseases that are spreading very fast nowadays. Eat well, workout, and stay healthy.

صحة JUL 30, 2019
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