Print to Good Health!
تكنولوجيا MAY 10, 2019

We have seen it all, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robots, electronics etc. We also have seen them all in many fields especially the medical field. Technology has been advanced to the extent that some robots are invented to conduct a medical surgery with the help of artificial intelligence. E-hospitals are expending in the world that even in Lebanon the first e-hospital is established at Hotel Dieu Hospital. And all these technological innovations are serving the medical field in the best way, medical services are improving, and they took healing to a whole new level. What more could be created and adopted in the medical field to advance even more and serve even better?
Today, the medical field has adopted a new technique used in many industries before that we might find quite strange and impossible to be used in medicine. It has existed since the late 80’s and since it has been worked on and developed in way to serve for a better purpose. It first entered the medical field in early 2000’s, and with the new technologies emerging today it has advanced more than ever and is becoming key on the medical field. It is speeding health care at a high rate, and not only doctors are satisfied with its speed but also the patients.
What is it? 3D Printing.
To the relief of doctors and patients, 3D printing is offering customized health care to all. The speed, the low cost and the precision of it, are building an intelligent approach to the health care industry and to the medical practice. The areas of application of 3D printing are as broad as one could imagine expending beyond general medical practices.
What does it include?
-Surgical preparation
-Tissues and organs
-Medical tools and devices
For surgical preparation, instead of looking at MRIs and CT scans, doctors are now using 3D printing to replicate the organs of the patients which they are going to operate on in order to practice before actually going to the complicated surgery. They get to experiment with the 3D model getting to know the patient’s precise anatomy from different views. In that way, they will be able to anticipate what they are going to face during the surgery. As for the prostheses, in 2008 scientists were able to produce the first 3D printed prosthetic leg. Today, 3D printing is used to produce every prosthetic limb. The first aim is to design and produce the most comfortable and cost-efficient prosthetic. Moving to a more recent use of 3D printing: tissues and organs transplant. In 2016, the first transplantation of a 3D printed kidney was done and it was successful. Since then, 3D printing has been used to different transplant surgery making the transplantation field more efficient. It increased the acceptance of organs as the transplanted 3D printed organ is 100% customized to the patient using his/her own cells. Thanks to medicine adopting 3D printing, the success of transplants has increased in skin repair and reconstruction, kidney and heart transplants, limb replacement, bone and muscle repair and many others. Finally, 3D printing is also being used to produce medical tools and devices. Now, hospitals are able to have more tools and devices with low cost. The production of these tools is more sterile and more accurate. Hospitals are now more equipped and a lot more ready for anything.
With so much advancement in the field, doctors, scientists and researchers are hopeful and much more optimistic. They are looking forward to cure many diseases especially cancer. With 3D printing they are now able to study and understand how tumors grow and develop. They can see now the whole process of the development of cancer in a certain organ and hopefully they can find a way to stop it.

تكنولوجيا MAY 10, 2019
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