Introducing a Life Changing Generation
تكنولوجيا JAN 14, 2019

Everybody is used to the periodic upgrades in their cell networks. From 1991 till 2009, there have been upgrades from 2G to 4G. Now, we are hearing of the introduction of a new generation to cell phone networks the 5G! Each generation blew us away with its advances and qualifications, but this time the 5G is a much larger leap than anything that has come before. Key players in the development of the 5G standards are calling it as life changing as electricity! 
Effectively, 5G is way faster than 4G; the internet speed is between 9 to 20 times faster. The latency of this new generation is one tenth as long. Not only there will be advancements in the speed but also the capacity, from the 4G to the 5G.  That is, every mobile plan will offer unlimited internet access. Apps, for example, will no longer degrade your video or postpone your download if you are out of Wi-Fi. Actually, you will probably prefer to make your downloads when you are on the cellular data, because 5G is much faster than any service you have at home or at work. In addition, our phones can radically become more powerful. Today, the heat and battery capacity of the processors in our devices are limited. It is as if your phone is connected to a much powerful online computer by a 5G connection.  
5G is not just for phones! 
5G reflects the new world of internet connected items, the new world of the internet of things which is every single product that can be connected to the internet in general (gadgets, industrial machinery, farming and agricultural equipment, and even cars). 
The new generation is rapidly growing and developing, it is a train that can’t be stopped. It is a technological advancement that can’t be limited, can’t take a step back for anyone (cellular carriers who aren’t thrilled with this new life changing tech). 5G was turned on in the end of 2018 in some cities and is expected to reach the whole world soon as the first 5G enabled smartphones are expected to be released and on sale in early 2019.

تكنولوجيا JAN 14, 2019
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