Lebanese Forces Students Association participates at The Lebanese Norwegian Youth Program
خبر AUG 19, 2023

The Lebanese Norwegian Youth Program (LNYP), held in Oslo, Norway, on the 7th till the 11th of August 2023, was the second out of three workshops organized. The Lebanese Forces Youth Association (LFSA), represented by Ghinwa Al Ghorayeb, the head of the Public Relations Bureau and Paul Saadeh, the head of the Foreign Affairs Bureau, participated in this multi-party event, that gathered different youth wings, from Lebanon and Norway.

This study visit laid the grounds on possible cross-party cooperation, in addition, it shed lights on the Youth participation and their role in local Elections. A fully informative three-day workshop tackled: The Norwegian Politics and The Nordic Model, Coalition Building, and The Management of Natural Resources and the Sovereign Oil Fund each on respective days. Moreover, the program entitled to engage in field visits with guided tours in the Norwegian Parliament "the Storting", Oslo City Hall and the Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM). 

The program as a whole was a success in bringing Lebanese and Norwegian youth associations together, sharing each their arguments and opinion about youth engagement in politics and their participation in national elections. Our candidates were responsibly and clearly representing the Lebanese Forces aims, norms and values while looking forward for taking part in the third workshop of the LNYP program in November.

خبر AUG 19, 2023
مجلة آفاق الشباب
عدد استثنائي
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