LSF to LAU Byblos: We Ask The University To Be Open To All Political Sides!
دائرة الجامعات الأميركية MAR 23, 2018

A few weeks ago, the board of members from several clubs proposed that the university organizes workshops in which political or public figures discuss social issues in Lebanon. However, the university refused our request; stating that there should be political members from opposing parties in order to ensure the event’s success. Today, we found out that there was a conference held in Frem Civic Center where members from only one political side attended. Not to mention that they are running for the parliamentary elections. The conference was supposed to be held to discuss family business however candidates started explaining about their electoral programs and political views. We, representing the majority of students, refuse LAU as a platform for political campaigns against the students’ will. Finally, we ask the university to be open to all political sides and not just one. What happened is unacceptable and we refuse its occurrence again.

دائرة الجامعات الأميركية MAR 23, 2018
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