After Kissenger… Will You Be Able to Have Sex Wirelessly?
مساحة حرة SEP 06, 2017

Some of you have probably heard about the Kissenger device, but to those who haven’t, we’ll tell you briefly about it:


It’s basically a device you can use to plug your phone, put your mouth on silicon lips and kiss your partner wirelessly.


We won’t go into the technical details, just remember that this is a two-way interaction device that will give you the same feelings as a real kiss would.


In June 2016, a group of scientists in Amsterdam worked on the “Robot Baby Project” which mimics sexual reproduction to let robots “evolve”. Again, we’re not interested in the technical details, but let us explain it in a different way:


When two individuals have sex, the male partner sends millions of sperm cells into the female, each containing one combination of the male’s first half of the ejaculator’s DNA and the female partner would receive these sperms. Her ovum, also containing half of her DNA, would then ‘choose’ one of these sperms and would then connect to it, forming one complete cell with a full DNA set. Now that’s what the robots are doing but in different way. Each partner sends their genomes wirelessly to meet at a specified server. Now a mechanism will create the “baby robot” from the genomes by randomly combining the features. And the baby robot will be printed by a 3D printer.


Now Robots will eventually develop their bodies through evolution using genetic algorithms. Experts said that this project could be used to promote colonies on Mars.


Now that these techniques were created, and many researchers are planning and working on projects for humans, we can finally say that “Human Wireless Sex” should be available in the upcoming years. Many experts are afraid of this idea, because a recent secret project called “Bed Partner” was stopped due to a possible rape that could happen when testing the device. The system was hacked, and the “Bed” created, was completely taking the orders from the hacker. Now imagine yourself sleeping on this kind of beds, it gets hacked and you can possibly be raped wirelessly anonymously…


Experts are afraid of the success of this kind of ideas because it has many flaws! Not only the rape problem but it can facilitate prostitution and it doesn’t have any legal limits.


All in all, wireless sex is indeed a possibility, but just any technological advancement, it has its ups and downs. The moral aspects to these techniques and evolutions are people’s main concerns. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section below.

مساحة حرة SEP 06, 2017
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