It Is Not the Usual Type of Diet
صحة APR 09, 2019

With summer being just a couple of months away, we all start looking up for types of diets and ways to lose weight in order to be “summer body” ready for the multiple beach trips. However, we all tend to fall in the scheme of unhealthy diets that we find online, mainly appearing to us in our results pages under the titles of “how to lose 10 pounds in one week?” or “substitute your meal with an apple”. Some even suggest fasting during work hours, which consist of not eating for 8 to 9 hours! The results are endless and the more you go through them, the more you drown in the unhealthy circle of not eating, and the more you engage in diets that keep you from staying fit. Your “summer body” is a priority to you at the moment, so try working out and adopting a time restricted diet rather than a calories restricted diet.

What is a “time restricted diet”?

We have all heard of “calories restricted diets” in which we are obliged to reduce our calories intake which means eating smaller portions, cutting meals and consuming fewer foods. However, new studies have found that weight gain prevention may be less about how many calories you consume, and more about when you consume them. That theory suggests that rather than changing your diet, you might benefit from simply timing your meals differently. The time restricted diet requires you to have all of your daily meals, breakfast lunch dinner, and if you eat snacks in between within a specific window of time. Researchers said that this method “could have a more positive effect on metabolic health than simple calorie restriction.” That said, the time in which you eat is much more important than what you eat, doesn’t give you the green light to eat whatever you want. This method helps you engage in a health way of eating but you need to help it for more effective results. The basic dos and don’ts of a regular diet: stay away from deep fried foods, cut off saturated and trans fats, sugar and such; eat more veggies and fruits, whole grain foods, drink water etc.

From “time restricted diet” to “16/8 intermittent fasting”.

While time restricted diet dictates when to eat each meal, the new trend “16/8 intermittent fasting” is one method derived from the former that suggests limiting consumption of foods to eight hours per day and abstaining from food for the rest 16 hours. This cycle is a way to shock your body in order to lose weight, you eat but for a limited time. You can practice the method twice a week or every day for a certain amount of time, stop and then repeat. How does it work? First you need to pick your 8 hour window and limit your food intake to that time. Some chose to skip breakfast and fast overnight, that is they start eating at noon and stop at 8 pm, they eat lunch and dinner along with snacks. After the time spam is finished, you can still drink water and tisanes. Regardless, it is recommended to eat several small meals and snacks spaced evenly during the day to help with your blood sugar level and keep your hunger under control. For this diet like any other, it is recommended to follow the dos and don’ts cited above.

صحة APR 09, 2019
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