Information Security as one of the main business needs in the market
توجيه DEC 12, 2016
If you’re looking for an exceptional job, where you can make money, learn new stuff, work in multiple fields and still be in Lebanon, well you’ve arrived to your perfect destination. “Information Security” is the most important job in the world. Being the number one for a couple of years, some experts confirm that the job will definitely stay in this place for more than ever.
In the past few years, information became an important factor in the new business model. Data is no longer saved on hard copies; it moved to soft ones, letting the business move faster and become more efficient. With time, technology grew. When performance and functionality were the main target for developers and engineers, security wasn’t the main concern, until information became money and constituted a true power.
So everyone and every enterprise need a security expert. They’re not particularly fond of us, but they do fear our absence. Well, IT security experts can work in banks, enterprises (all kind of companies), televisions, newspapers, hospitals, consultancy companies and every other business that has an internet connection and rely on soft data to work.
You’ll protect every data, every person and every network equipment in your enterprise. Imagine your home, what do you do to keep it safe? Do you only lock the doors? What about your WiFi password or your windows? Do you keep water flooding around? Aren’t you careful from new visitors? You probably hide your money and jewelry in a safe place, escort your housekeeper when she enters sensitive places and hide your important papers such as legal documents, IDs and any other sensitive paper.
Now imagine if your house was your laptop, no not your laptop, your business!! Imagine your sensitive papers are hidden as soft copies in some folder, and someone reached them and destroyed them. Now imagine that your housekeeper is an attacker spying on you. So when you take a photo using your mobile phone, or pay an online transaction, he’s here, but this time, he’s escorting you and registering all the information for later use. Remember your money and jewelry? What if they were your bank account? What if, someone got access to your account, what will happen to your money? Would it still be safe to give someone your mobile pass code when all your emails, calendars, social media accounts are synched and registered with it?
In June 2010, a third world war could've happen, with a weapon made 100% of code lines:
This is the youtube link:
 Some educational details about “Information Security”:
Security experts’ main target is to protect the data. Well, not only data, but all the chain: Humans, networks, data, and the paths that it takes. This specialization was first founded at INCI - USJ.
You can start with Telecom or Computer Science BA then you pass to an MA in“Information Security” for two years.
Some Advice:
1.     If you hate programming, staying hours behind your laptop, don’t choose computer science.
2.     If you prefer telecom, a master’s degree is a must.
3.     Continue to the master’s degree anyway, bachelor degrees are useless these days.
4.     You can work starting the 4th year (First year of master), the faculty and former students help you find work.
5.     If you plan on moving outside Lebanon, you can apply to more than 10 universities (basically every university in France, or European Union) in the middle of the first MA year. Former students and the university will surely give you a hand.
6.     You can also move to ESIB (Where you can get the title of engineering) after finishing your first year of masters.
7.     Complete the 5 years, if you wish to have a well paid job and a strong security education.
توجيه DEC 12, 2016
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