ICT, The Major of Tomorrow
توجيه DEC 29, 2018

Nowadays the most important decision in a person’s life is what major to choose.
Well I’m going to tell you my story hopefully it will help someone. 
When I was 17, I had this major love for computer forensics and hacking and trying to understand what is happening while we are typing or giving a command to our devices.
So the first thing after graduating is to find the ideal major to study, so I had to choose between CCE, computer science and information and communication technology.
When I started checking out the courses I found out that the perfect major for me is ict (information and communication technology) which  emphasis on what I exactly  wanted.
So in my first year, I learnt how the computer thinks and works along with other courses like programming 1 and of course with the lab. The lab is where we apply everything we have learned in class along with more practical  exercises that helped us see more how the program works.
So as an ict student there is always a change because as we know, our world is always moving there is always new updated technology.
Ict careers include:
. Computer programmers 
.database analysts 
.project manager
.Technical trainer
.digital specialists 
.security and network analysts 
And much more… 
For example we take courses about networking, forensics and security, back up, cloud problem solving and the most important thing is internships that help us achieve our goal by working and learning at the same time. 
So at the end of the day, god has a plan for everyone and especially in a decision that can change your whole life. So my advice to you is to ask and go open doors and even ask students in universities about their major and their courses and most importantly what will their future job be, and don't forget that our world is going to the future and there is always new updates, so we find it difficult to keep up. So as a result I hope that this small essay about my major will help you choose wisely, and give you a general idea about my major.

توجيه DEC 29, 2018
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