Getting your legs in shape for summer
صحة JUN 30, 2012
Summer’s already here – and it’s almost the weekend – brilliant! So, you’ve managed to lose those extra few pounds but there’s still something about your figure that you’re not entirely happy with. Maybe you want to get your legs into shape and firm up your bottom so that you can feel great in your bikini? There’s no miracle solution to toning your body from head to foot, but here are a few ideas that can help.
"Increase slightly your ration of protein at each meal". Egg, white, white chicken, white ham and hard cheeses. Opt for snack protein bars of grain protein or protein-rich dietary supplements. "This small change in your diet, which must remain balanced, you can gain muscle strength".  In sporting terms, "choose first one in two sessions of 45 minutes per week 'cardio'". Apartment bike, rope skipping, treadmill running, elliptical or lengths of swimming, you have the choice.
Start with two 45-minute sessions of cardio-training a week. These will have an immediate effect on your metabolism and fat loss. But to shape up your calves and thighs and tone your bottom, you need to follow a targeted exercise program – 30 minutes of muscle-building exercise three times a week – on top of your weekly cardio-training
صحة JUN 30, 2012
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