When Words Aren’t Enough
تكنولوجيا FEB 25, 2019

It’s happening this year, the Unicode Consortium has announced the addition of 59 new emojis, as well as their variants for a total of 230 emojis. The target of these new creations this year aims at reaching a wider audience and at making the minority to have a place in society. It may be small to include them in the emojis’ options, but it is just a start. In a recent press conference with Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit that oversees emojis and provides standards for online texting online, confirmed that the launching of these new emojis will be around the time Apple and Google release their new OS, in other words around September October 2019.

Unicode sets the standards of the symbols, making them compatible to be translated across the internet. Unicode Consortium has designed the new set of emojis with their different variants; however companies like Apple and Google still need to incorporate the codes of these emojis in their operating systems. That is why there will be a delay in the arrival of these new symbols. Both Apple and Google are very excited for these new releases, expressing that they hope they could release them sooner.

What are they bringing to us then?

Unicode gave us a glimpse of what is coming. We can expect new emojis that will include wider diversity, from race to religion to orientations and of course to disability. Why? Because people look up to the emojis and they try to find themselves in them. They want to represent themselves in “emojiland”.

So, we will be seeing: interracial couples (many different combinations based on skin color), guide dogs, wheelchairs, deaf people, blind people, disabled people and many more additions. Note that, it was Apple who suggested the addition of accessibility emojis, during the meeting with Unicode and Google. Also, to open the world to new culture, we had seen in 2017 the new hijab emoji, this year they will include: a Hindu temple, a sari and a tuk-tuk. Some of the additions are not as important: new animals (sloth, flamingo, orangutan, oyster, skunk, otter and other); also some foods will be added such as butter, waffle, juice box, onion and garlic. Finally, new faces with new expressions will also take part of the new batch as well as hand gestures that didn’t exist before (with their variants of course).

تكنولوجيا FEB 25, 2019
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