Towards an E-Health Care
تكنولوجيا FEB 05, 2019

Technology is developing faster than ever, and the world is changing with it. With the new advances of technology, the world has found an excessive need to always resort to it, whenever and however. The new technologies have made everything easier, faster and much more reachable. Concepts that were far from reality and closer to fiction 10 years ago are now quickly becoming more than just regular and common. Concepts such as Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

All devices that have been on the market for the past 5 years, have become powerful enough to handle more than the regular algorithms of Artificial Intelligence. The development in the internet field have made it possible even to the smallest devices (such as wearables) to AI’s complex capabilities. Therefore, today all fields are relying in some way on AI, in order to improve and move forward on a technological level.

Hence, health care experts started implementing a responsible use of AI in their services that could improve their work and even save patients’ lives. More so, health care is a very delicate and fragile field where impetuous actions can occur, as a result new development such as AI is regulated and adopted slowly and with caution. That said; note that health care experts are still working on the implementation of AI in their system. And since technology is growing faster and faster every day, AI will reach health care sooner than you think.

How will AI affect health care?

For once, digital consultation will be available with much more than regular online diagnosis. With AI, digital consultations will have data that allows the system to make informed decisions, to a patient based on relevant inquiries. This feature can come hand in hand with personalized medicine. That is, a health care approach offers patients highly tailored diagnoses and treatments in order to meet every patient’s history as well as his family’s. Secondly, radiology using medical imaging techniques such as x-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs and CTs, will become easier and time efficient. While doctor spends time looking at these images and processing them, AI supported devices will take mere seconds to analyze the images. Finally, we all heard of robot surgeons! This concept has existed for years, which is a system allowing surgeons to control robotic equipment to perform mini surgeries. These machines are 100% human controlled. Today, AI is rapidly reaching robots’ performance in medicine, where the robot will be able to perform a full, clean and accurate medical procedure on a patient. While it sounds dangerous, it is however, estimated to have more successful operations performed by robots than by humans.

It also seems surreal, but AI is crawling into the health care sector faster than you can ever imagine and it is making its way to reach a higher place. AI wants to make lives easier, faster and more importantly safer! We have seen it in every aspect of our lives, from our homes, to our workplace, to our cars and to our schools. It is only a matter of time before we get to see it in our health!

تكنولوجيا FEB 05, 2019
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