Detect To Arrest
توجيه MAR 19, 2019

"It's my senior year and I haven't decide yet which major should I choose!" We hear this statement hundreds of times every year. Almost 50% of students haven't a clear idea about the majors offered in universities, or they don't know the right major they can fit in. Why not try something very new? Let us get introduced to the forensic science.
Forensic Science is a four-year major that mixes science, laboratories, investigations, and trace analysis. This major was found five years ago in one country in the middle east which is Lebanon.
It is a new major that will be needed in the military and the internal forces few years from now. In addition, a forensic scientist has a lot of job opportunities. He/she can work in forensic laboratories, process a crime scene, teach biology and chemistry, work in DNA laboratories, and according to his/her masters degree, opportunities will differ. 
As a forensic science student, you will learn how to analyze traces, fingerprints, blood, and DNA, in addition to methods of examining electronic devices. Nevertheless, you will learn some investigative methods and how to read the criminal mind.
All students should search for new majors, and forensic science is one of them. It is a challenging major that does not include any routine.

توجيه MAR 19, 2019
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