Cyber Security and Tips
تكنولوجيا SEP 26, 2019

As more organizations become online and the government oversees a greater amount of our lives, Cyber Security episodes are moving in recurrence, force, and advancement. It is a battle to shield touchy data and ensure the trust of clients and accomplices. No association can protect against each hazard, however being prepared to react quickly to potential danger or dynamic rupture can have a significant effect on the extent of harm and long-haul result.

Cyber Security is the most concerned issue as digital dangers and problems are overgrowing.

And now you are asking yourself, what is Cyber Security? Cyber Security is the procedure and methods involved with protecting your online information, systems and applications from digital crimes, or better said cyber-attacks.

The most used method/technique against you, user, is the Social Engineering attack. It is a strategy used by cyber attackers to gather all your information, including sensitive ones.

It can be an ad talking about offers or winning prizes, asking you to put online your bank information, your address. And all of these techniques are used for financial and identity fraud.

We can also think about Phishing, which is also a fraudulent technique used in e-mails, forms or Facebook pages too: Just like the Social Engineering strategy, it may show you job offers and prizes, where you enter your information that will be in the hands of the attacker.

So, did you conclude what is Cyber Security or not yet? Three words describe its meaning: Confidentiality (your information is top secret), Integrity (your data must not be illegally changed or accessed) and Availability that will guarantee the data access without any significant problem.

I will tell you some tips that you think are useless, but in fact, they are the most important for your identity and information security online:

- Never say that your social media account will not be hacked, because you are a target.

- Do not use easy passwords like six characters, because it can take one second to decrypt it.

- Do not keep your passwords on your platform (PC, mobile...) because it can be stolen by anyone, and it is better to keep it on a paper under your pillow and trust me it is way better.

- Do not click on any ad you see online, because just as I said before, it may be suspicious.

- Buy a better antivirus and keep it up-to-date.

- Use two or multi-factor authentication on Instagram and Facebook.

- NEVER use public Wi-Fi (like airport, café, or hospital)

- Always backup your data

- Do not underestimate software updates (Android, iOS, or Windows/Mac), and some security updates are within them.

- Do not use sensitive information about you online, and it may be too risky, especially PUBLIC photos or your address/phone number.

- Do not wait until an attack comes at you, be ready, from now on.

تكنولوجيا SEP 26, 2019
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