Cover Story Porsche 911 Carrera
سيارات APR 01, 2012
Cover Story - Porsche 911 Carrera
Emotional Intelligence: That’s us!
When Porsche first began, there was only the road. It was wide enough for their dreams and long enough for their compact lightweight sports car. With zest, passion, heart and soul, the courage to strike and to win - that’s how heroes are born!

Driving Impressions

Because the day I drove a Porsche was the day I got addicted. I can still remember in March 2011 when I attended Leipzig, a region in East Germany where the Cayenne and Panamera are produced. I completed the Porsche Sport Driving School on that track. At that time I really knew what it was to drive a Porsche to the limits!! The feeling of the butterflies in your stomach, that’s a Porsche…
The 911 is far-fetched to drive on-track, as I personally did on the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi – especially with the Sport Plus mode engaged, tolerating for some tail-out fun. The Carrera S’ suspension is amazingly flexible over most road imperfections and Porsche’s PDK transmission is just perfect. Shifts are lightning fast, but I was most impressed with its low-speed action. While most dual-clutch units are clunky and uncomfortable during the transition from idle to load, the seven-speed PDK felt much like a straight box. Auto manufacturers should absolutely take a note down!
The new 911 is hard to mistake dynamically when in action. I really had to make a nasty driving error to get the chassis to break a sweat, and even then the stability intervenes in the gentlest, slightest pushy way. The 911 demonstrates simply catchable, controlled breakaway. The new electric-assist steering is adequately direct and communicative, filtering out the most intolerable bumps but still letting you feel each crack and road touch. There is no doubt of the 911’s handling prowess and controllability, an excellent progress from the 997 to the 991.
What I also really appreciated was the throat and growl at low speeds; it turns into a screamer above 4,000 RPM – similar to a F1 car. With this new generation, Porsche has fitted the new 911 with an exhaust button to conduit more of that sound into the car’s cabin.


One of the new 911 Carrera’s most extensive innovations is to be found in the coupe body; almost half the entire body-in-white, including doors, lids, wings and roof, is made of aluminium. Together with outstanding aerodynamics, the new, innovative, aluminium-steel body makes a major contribution to the enhanced Porsche Intelligent Performance. The underlying idea of the intelligent lightweight construction concept is using the right material in the right place. The extensive use of aluminium to reduce the vehicle’s weight is therefore balanced with elements of ultra high-strength steel for a more rigid body and optimum occupant protection. Intelligent lightweight construction was also applied to assembly parts with the use of aluminium, magnesium and wall thickness-optimized plastic trims. Despite the increased dimensions, all measures together yielded a total net reduction in body weight of approximately 80 kilograms compared with the predecessor models.


The interior is a completely new ambiance – yet every 911 fan will immediately feel himself to be in familiar surroundings. You ensconce yourself in new sports seats with electric four-way adjustment for height and backrest adjustment featured as standard and operates the sports car courtesy of an ergonomically enhanced concept. Emulating the Carrera GT super sports car, the new centre console rising up to the front with high-mounted gear change lends structure to the passenger compartment and imbues the new 911 Carrera with a more pronounced cockpit feel. Driver and front passenger are more closely integrated - the result is a sportier interior feeling. The centre console plays an essential role in the more advanced ergonomics in operating numerous functions by means of buttons. The buttons are clustered in logical functional groups. The configuration is designed in such a way that the driver is able to operate them quickly, easily and intuitively, without the need for a long and complex search for mainstream functions in the submenu of an on-board computer.
The new feeling of space in the 911 Carrera goes hand in glove with greater available space front and rear. For example, the new coupe offers 25 millimeters more legroom at the front and six millimeters more legroom at the rear as well as a maximum of 15 millimeters more headroom for driver and front seat passenger in vehicles with a sunroof.


Although at the end of the first day (driving on public roads) in Abu Dhabi and the end of the second day (track driving), I still have the hunger to jump into the cockpit of that 991! How can it be for those in love with the 911 previous iteration? Heartbreaking? During my visit to Stuttgart in October, I bet that the engineers from Weissach never come to an end astonishing us by improving on what cannot be improved anymore.
“What Drove us was a Single Goal: To be the First!”
“Every Porsche Contains Sports Car Fascination”
“Every Porsche Contains Tears of Joy”
“Every Porsche Contains Plenty of Emotions”
“The Word that Sums it all up: Identity…and a Number: 911!”

سيارات APR 01, 2012
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