Bachelor of Law at NDU
توجيه MAR 18, 2016
In 2013, the Faculty of Law and Political Science (FLPS) developed the program of Bachelor of Law that answers the need for a better education of Law and requires the achievement of 138 credits.
This new program adds the English language component and the American educational approach to law studies. It maintains excellence in the coverage of the State required materials and augments them with a wealth of additional courses dealing with contemporary and futuristic topics, and using the most advanced teaching methodologies and techniques. These graduating lawyers will enrich the profession with new expertise and perceptions, acquired with the highest international standards of academic excellence, enhancing their service capabilities to the community and the employability with local, regional and international firms, properly connecting Lebanon and its institutions to the globalized markets, laws and systems.
Acknowledging the Rule of Law as the core premise for societal civility and development, the program aims at providing students with the most evolved education of public, private, and international Law. It also aims at graduating successful lawyers who emerge as professional and societal leaders in pursuit of justice; commuting themselves to ethical service of clients and the public, defending Human Rights and stand out as the ultimate vanguards of proper Citizenship and the Rule of Law.
The objectives of the Bachelor of Law program are to first, prepare students to pass the licensure exam.
Second, prepare them to work as qualified jurists. Third, provide students with skills to integrate technology and learned professional techniques into practice. Fourth, install leadership and efficient management qualities in graduates. Fifth, develop an understanding of Law in both Arabic and English language.
True to the Maronite Catholic traditions of NDU, the FLPS and more specifically the Bachelor of Law, is dedicated to serve as a beacon of enlightenment in the continuous search for truth and better life.
توجيه MAR 18, 2016
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