And That's When Cancer Dies…
صحة SEP 01, 2017

“What would you do if I ever told you that I had cancer?” was a random question I asked 3 of my friends and here are their answers:

Friend #1: “*swearing* you are such a piece of shit. You woke me up to ask me this stupid question. Well, I would be miserable and probably wouldn’t handle it. I hate you! I swear I do! I would be depressed. Stay strong. It’s hard but that’s God’s plan for you.”

Friend #2: “I need to know all the details. We are going out more often, spending more time together before it’s too late. Let’s start today! We are going for a beer tonight and I’m picking you up so you can relax. You have a hard battle to fight. But GODAMMIT! I’m an A+ person, you’re an O+. I won’t be able to save you.”

Friend #3: “No! No! No! You can’t have Cancer! Not you!! Please! For God’s sake, NO! I’d rather not think about it. I don’t want to lose or even imagine you out of my life.”

Hearing this from your best friends?! Not a single positive thought?! Just a little bit of panic mixed with a lot of negative vibes about death and giving up!! THAT’S WHEN YOU DIE!

Well, here I am, sitting on my balcony at 3:33 am, to tell you, all of you, about cancer and how to react when you hear the word Cancer.

Dear friend, family and community,

Stop sending negative vibes towards all those fighters. Cancer doesn’t mean death. It’s just a disease, a fight. One of the hardest, but it’s just a disease. It has a cure. YES! It has a cure: POSITIVITY.

Sharing positive vibes, telling those fighters to fight, telling them they are fighters and they are going to kick cancer’s butt are small phrases that can really help them out BUT these words must come from the heart. Always remind them about all the fights they had in life and how they’ve won, and assure them that cancer isn’t going to win this time.

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Do you guys know Mark Duffalo? He’s a brain tumor survivor.

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Christina Applegate? She’s a breast cancer survivor.

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Kathy Bates? She’s an ovarian and breast cancer survivor.

Those are celebrities, they fought cancer, they won and they are living happily. See? They didn’t die because cancer is not related to death. They won because they were surrounded by positivity.

Dear cancer fighter,

God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. You are one of them. You will win. He will not let you down. In both cases you are a winner. If you survive you are a winner if you, I repeat, IF you die, you will meet God in heaven, which makes you a winner too. You survived a lot of bad days and diseases. You may lose a battle but you will never lose the war.

Giving up, depressing, doing nothing will not help you. These things will only make it worse and will drive you down a road you don’t want to take. Look at your cancer, smile at it, and tell the whole world that you will be the winner. Stay strong, be positive, keep fighting and win. That’s your motto. And THAT’S WHEN CANCER DIES.

صحة SEP 01, 2017
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