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For lots of reasons, teens may have an unplanned pregnancy. The choice for these young women is to carry to term, adoption, and abortion, but is this the right sollution for such problem? sure its not...
There are different reasons why someone might think about having an abortion:

· The pregnancy wasn't planned
· The pregnancy is harmful to the mother's health
· The pregnancy is the result of rape
· The fetus may have a birth defect
What are the options for a woman who has an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy?

· Medical abortion
· Surgical abortion
Is it safe to have a surgical abortion?

An abortion performed by a medical doctor or clinical nurse specialist today is a typical routine procedure.

Some complications with a routine abortion might occur,
· Too much bleeding
· Infection of uterus (womb) and/or fallopian tubes
· Damage to womb and/or cervix

It is important to consider your:

· Moral and/or religious beliefs
· Financial situation, now and in the future
· Educational and career plans
· Your sources of emotional support and people who can help you make your decision, particularly your family, partner, relatives, and friends
Will I be able to get pregnant and have children in the future if I have an abortion?

Sexually transmitted infections can damage your fallopian tubes, making it difficult to become pregnant in the future.
In the end, it is important to know that this is not a game on all levels, its a gift from God, and a grace that you are killing, so you should be careful and aware of any affair you have, and in case of pregnancy, one should take all the responsibilities and consider all options before taking the decision of ending a life and committing such crime.  
صحة FEB 27, 2013
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